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At Blue Edge Property, we make no apology for being fussy. We are fussy about the homes we manage, particular about the tenants we recommend and regimented in our approach to maintenance and cleanliness.

We offer exceptional services designed to enhance the management of each property we touch, to deliver the best outcome and more importantly, the best experience.

We know valuable things deserve special treatment, your home is no different.

Our main purpose is to bring out the best in your property. From picture perfect presentation to proactive maintenance and sound advice on ways to add value to your investment, we know that our commitment to trending your property will attract better quality tenants, achieve higher returns and protect your home.

Blue Edge Property has talented and invested Portfolio Managers providing an end to end property management service to assist you with preparing your property for lease and achieving the best possible result.

I am really glad that Blue Edge Property has picked up the management of my property. All the right things are finally happening
– Nick

Utilising the latest technology designed for the best practice in property management, our focus is on minimising costs, maximising future capital growth opportunities, reducing risk and keeping you fully informed.

Our Portfolio Managers care for relatively small portfolios of properties so that we are able to give our clients and their homes the attention they deserve.

We know that every property is a home worthy of respect and Blue Edge Property makes sure tenants and landlords are equally serviced with that in mind.

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We make the journey of leasing a home seamlessly easier for our clients, a truly stress-free and quality rich service.