Beach Haven, What A Dream Location

The description of this unique and beautifully presented property is within its name, a location that can only truly be appreciated while witnessing the roar beauty of nature before you, which begs only a soft footprint to be left behind.

This property also comes with a beautiful story. See in the beginning and for many years thereafter, the owners camped at this very site. With each year rolling into the next like the ocean upon the shore, the dream of one day living exactly where they sat never left their lips. And as fairy tales go fate delivered the opportunity to obtain the land exactly where they had always been and with no time wasted, the dream location full of memories was theirs and the new chapter in their fairy tale could begin.

Today we have available this dream, a premium property that has evolved over time in this exotic location. Spread across a dozen hectares with some 700m of boundary fronting the Chain of Lagoons Beach. This property offers a diverse and unique allotment of natural bush, sand dunes, good pasture and a well developed, highly functional living site that is beautifully landscaped & featured.

The flora & fauna on display is a delight while providing a feeling of freedom and earthly connection. One can explore the site taking in its wonders, stroll along the beach and around Picaninny Point which has a long history. Go surfing, swimming, fishing, hiking and more, all from your doorstep. Even catch sight of the dominant ocean species which will awaken the senses, with amazing tales told.

The presentation of the living site is immaculate, you can see the time, effort & love the owners have invested into this property. The lot has dual use currently with two dwellings catering for residential & visitors accommodation with each being two bedrooms & one bathroom, well appointed and nicely presented with good privacy from one another. There are further multi-use outbuildings and site areas which are valuable additions to this property and provide all one needs to live comfortably and enjoy life’s moments by the sea.

The most spectacular feature outside of the living site however, is the secluded beachfront position with no disturbances but that of the tunes nature plays that fills the air around you, it truly is a magical place to be.

If you are looking for a unique private property on a stunning coastline that delivers a dream lifestyle and business opportunity then you cannot pass on Beach Haven, the name says it all.